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Rick Senley portrait

Life as a photographer: Rick Senley

What is your photography story – how did you get to here? I’ve always seen photography (and all my creative endeavours) as a form of escapism and a portal into adventure. On a practical level, I had lofty youthful ambitions of being a travel writer. I started writing travel features, then once I realised that… View Article

Life as a Photographer: Tamsyn Morgans

What is your photography story – how did you get to here? I have worked in the commercial photographic industry for over 20 years. Starting as a commercial model in the late 90’s, I then became a model booker at a model agency. I moved on to make-up artist and styling work before taking time… View Article

A Photographer in North Korea

I am standing in the queue, passport in hand waiting to head through immigration. It is a ritual I have been through many times before but this time I feel somewhat nervous. I hand over my passport, slightly sweating

How I Got The Shot: Jon Bower

Flying from Beijing to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, we landed and for security reasons or otherwise, were held on the runway for what seemed like days, but was probably only 3 hours. I was sat by the window affording me a great view of a succession of people wandering about on the tarmac below. As is… View Article

Shooting funky portraits

Loop photographer, James Bellorini, has just finished shooting a major portrait project for an exhibition commissioned by Brighton Fringe: 35 portraits of performers and creators photographed in just over 2 months. We caught up with him and grilled him on his portrait techniques.. Hi James, you have a huge portrait portfolio featuring an eclectic mix of… View Article

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