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Working with Loop

At Loop we're a photographer’s agency. We love working with our wide network of photographers and maybe that could include you?

As an international agency, Loop provides a platform for creative individuals to find global markets for their work. Representing an exceptional range of contemporary photography, Loop is in constant pursuit of creative excellence and we look to represent the best photographers and the most original content. We strive via direct sales to grow our own brand rather than just be a support act to other platforms, and this is supported by offering an industry-leading 50% royalty cut for contributors for each and every sale that we make.

We are discerning in terms of the quality of image we represent and can offer a rewarding experience for talented and committed contributors. We support our photographers with market insights, a knowledgeable and approachable attitude, commissioning opportunities and a digital gateway to upload. In the final analysis, without you and your input, we don’t have an agency so our aim is to look after you!

If you are passionate about photography and your profile matches ours, we’d like to hear from you. Loop is always looking for new inspirational imagery from both individuals and agencies across all areas of our content.

No matter your style, genre or location, talented photographers from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply.

Submit your photographs

If you are confident that you have images to offer that meet our requirements, you can show us your work by the following methods:

We do not accept submissions by post

Loop will endeavour to respond within 48 hours with feedback, so please do include contact details.


If Loop choose to represent your work, we will supply a detailed contract for your approval plus a technical spec for submitted images.